What Would You Do?


My friends and I were kidnapped and engineered a rather dramatic escape. Yes,it was scary. You laugh, you'll cry. I'll cry, I'll cry. But we'll both be better for it.

If you're looking for a shiny speaker with a quick inspirational message then move on now. I'm not your guy. I'm a storyteller and this is not a happy story, at least not on the surface. Many people die. It took me a long time to come around to talking about it and people tell me it changes their lives, so I have to try. If you don't have the time to turn on your brain for awhile, it's a waste of my time because it is a very painful story and I want to help people who are ready to listen.

Be prepared to think for an hour or more until we get into the story itself. Philosophy, basic economics analysis, and Central Asian history. I've been asked, "Why this", "Why that," "Why not this," a thousand times and the answers are always the same. Countless time people have admitted immediately that they would have died. We are talking about very difficult choices of life or death, very quickly, under highly charged circumstances. But the criteria and parameters for these decisions are actually quite few, once I detail them for you. I'm going to walk you through everything  as if you were there and ask, "What would you do?" These answers, too, are usually all the same. You won't have to ask me, "Why?" If fact, I bet you'll be shocked at the things you'd do.

Topics include:

  • Human action
  • The nature of knowledge
  • Evaluating risk vs uncertainty
  • Value and how we judge it
  • Alternatives and choice
  • Trade and exchange
  • A History of the Old World
  • The power of cooperation
  • Empathy
  • A super scary story.


It had been a full day of speakers and networking; I was looking forward to dinner and going home to sleep. As Jason began to speak, I realized that this would be THE outstanding moment of this conference for me. His recounting of his experiences was done with a “real time” clarity and emotional integrity. He was able to transport all of us to an understanding of a very pivotal and extreme circumstance, and create in us a climate for learning great lessons of life: the reality of human conflict, the healing quality of seeing these actualities in a larger context and with forgiveness, and a desire to make the world a better, regenerative and abundant place, where people can thrive in all ways. I would highly recommend Jason as a speaker and facilitator to assist in occasions where transformation of awareness is desired. He is very fluid and engaging, and speaks with the authority of one who has been there.
— Colleen Dick, business owner
Jason spoke to our corporate team, and we came away with a deeper understanding of leadership principles, geopolitical influences throughout East and Central Asia, and about forgiveness. His story is both riveting and inspiring. I’d highly recommend Jason to other groups looking for an example of the unbreakable human spirit.
— Davis Smith, Cotopaxi
Singer’s story is one of the most harrowing and dramatic in modern adventure. A tale that reminds climbers and explorers that the paths they tread can have dangers beyond their most intense nightmares. Singer’s kidnap and escape while in the hinterlands of Kyrgyzstan would seem like the hyperbole of a Hollywood blockbuster, yet every word, every terrifying minute really happened. The emotion and precision with which Singer re-tells the story is moving, inspiring, and will leave any listener asking themselves some very hard questions.
— Steve Backshall - naturalist, writer and television presenter