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Singer has been climbing forever. First cutting his teeth in his home mountains in Utah, he then shifted his focus to big wall climbing in Yosemite where he quickly established a reputation as a talented and bold soloist.

In August of 2000, Singer, along with three other climbers, were climbing in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan when they were kidnapped and held hostage for six days by rebels from the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan. Ultimately, the team conspired to engineer their own dramatic escape.

Subsequently, from 2001 to 2006, Singer traveled the world in an effort to learn and understand people better. His thirst for adventure and insatiable curiosity have taken him to deserts, mountains, and jungles in over 40 countries.

Unable to settle down, he divides his time between the United States and Australia.

When not questing in the outdoors he trains 10th Planet jiu jitsu under Eddie Bravo and Denny Prokopos.


Started climbing professionally in 1997

Worked for The North Face in Product Development from 1997 - 2001


Yosemite, California

  • Native Son (VI 5.9 A4+)
  • Sea of Dreams (VI 5.9 A5)
  • Atlantic Ocean Wall (VI 5.9 A4)
  • Shortest Straw (VI 5.9 A4)
  • Zenyatta Mondatta (VI 5.9 A4)
  • Zenith (VI 5.8 A4)
  • Second ascents of Ice Age (solo, VI 5.8 A5), Crystal Cyclone (VI 5.7 A4+), Wheel of Torture (VI 5.7 A4)
  • The Nose (5:40 w/ Timmy O'Neill, 7:02 w/ Leo Houlding, +/- 10:00 w/ Lynn Hill)
  • NW Face, Half Dome (onsight, leading every pitch, 3:30)
  • Speed records on The Prow (3:01), Southern Man (2:38), East Buttress of El Cap (free solo, 2:05 CTC)
  • Free solo ascent of The Rostrum, 5.11c
  • Numerous ascents of El Capitan

Baffin Island, Canada

  • First solo ascent, West Face of Mt Thor, (Midgard Serpent, 12 days, VI 5.9 A5)
  • Second ascent, in a push, The Porter Route, Mt. Asgard, (+/- 35:00, VI 5.10 A4)
  • The Scott Route, Mt. Asgard, (solo, +/- 3:30, V 5.10 A1)
  • Seven trips to Baffin, including five ascents of Mt. Asgard